Complete 20-volume set of hardcover books from the Time-Life "Voyage Through The Universe" series, published in the late 1980's. Fantastic series, each book is filled with illustrations and photos, with each book covering a specific astronomical topic: 1) Atlas of Space, 2)Between the Stars, 3) Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, 4) Cosmic Mysteries, 5) Frontiers of Time, 6) Galaxies, 7) Life Search, 8) Moons and Rings, 9) Outbound, 10) Spacefarers, 11) Starbound, 12) Stars, 13) The Cosmos, 14) The Far Planets, 15) The Near Planets, 16) The New Astronomy, 17) The Sun, 18) The Third Planet, 19) The Visible Universe, 20) Workings of the Universe.