The text is intended for a senior-level or first-year graduate-level course in astrophysics. Volume 1 covers a wide range of subjects in stellar astrophysics. An overview of stellar structure and evolution is provided, taking into account stars, energy transport and generation in stars, stellar time-scales, static configurations (hydrostatic equilibrium), the virial theorem, relativistic effects, star formation, and stellar evolution. Other subjects discussed are related to properties of matter, aspects of observational astronomy, static stellar structure, radiation and energy transport, atomic properties of matter, nuclear energy soruces, the main sequence, evolution away from the main sequence, deviations from quasi-static evolution, the final stages of stellar evolution, weak interactions in stellar evolution, degenerate stars, supernovae, compact stellar and relativistic objects, and close binary systems. Attention is given to neutron stars, gravitational collapse and black holes, white dwarfs, neutrino energy-loss rates, and solar neutrinos