Many amateur astronomers are short of time. A full-time career usually takes up most waking hours, and often there simply isnít time for leisurely observing. Fortunately, modern technologies such as computer-controlled telescopes, GPS, north-seeking and level detection, have made telescope set-up much quicker. Todayís imaging systems enable astronomers to take excellent astrophotographs without the hours-long exposures. Make Time for the Stars explains what to try on a tight schedule, and how to use todayís equipment to get the most astronomy out of the least time. This book showcases a wide array of quickly performed astronomical projects, including various novel or new approaches to observing. There are also practical tips for maximizing time at the telescope, extracting optimal performance, quick and efficient set-up, and easily carried out optical maintenance. Significantly, the book features detailed information on alternative imaging techniques with simple and less time-consuming efforts.